Why isn't there a batch delete for files and images?

It sure would save a lot of time if you could streamline the ability to delete files and images. Seriously…about 10sec per delete and then getting dropped back to the start of the list is a major time suck.

Hi Liam. I don’t know this to be the exact reason, but I know in the past, that part of the thought was due to the fact that if I accidentally delete all of my images, I will have a number of emails throughout the system that would now contain broken images.

You are the second person that I have had share a need for this functionality, in just under 2 weeks though, so this shows me there is a want for this.

I wanted to see if you could share some feedback on our official feedback form, about this. https://infusionsoft.com/tellus (And any other feedback pieces you may have) I will be bringing this up in one of our meetings this week, but the more feedback we receives, helps us prioritize new features/functionality.

@James_Mefford, what I think would be super valuable is a functionality that would reveal what the image is attached to so that better decisions could be made before deletion…kind of like tags records.

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@Cheryl_Hunt You mean something that indicates the use of the image (ex: Image contained in 14 emails / 2 landing pages) something like that?

Yep! That would be amazing. I’m leery of deleting any even though it should be done just because I’d have very little to go on where they are used to make sure I replaced it (or possibly got rid of the items where it’s used if applicable) everywhere before deleting it.

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Thanks, I’ve done as you asked. As I mentioned there, we’ve had the application for over 5 years…it getting pretty cluttered with used images that take forever to scroll through. Deleting them one at a time takes even longer.

That would be very helpful, takes way too long to delete each one. Especially after having this for years.

Any further updates on this topic? Deleting files one-by-one is an infuriating and drawn out process… especially when you have to wait for the page to reload, find the next file to delete, then wait and go through the whole (slow) process again…

Perhaps a solution that checks and double / triples checks the deletions are intentional will help avoid mass deletion of required files?

Or some kind of archive process that keeps the “deleted” images for 24 hours (giving the user an opportunity to restore if they have accidentally selected something they shouldn’t have), and then permanently deletes them once the time has elapsed?

I would also like to chime in. We have way too many old files from years ago and I would like to prevent anyone from using out-of date branding on new emails.