Deleting stored images

Is it possible to delete a group of company images in the stored files area - or do you have to do them one by one?

Ho Louise.
Currently there are no mass delete actions in the file storage area, so one at a time is currently the only way.

Thanks for your reply, but your software is so cumbersome. By not allowing
mass deletions, the whole file is huge and is only getting bigger.


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@James_Mefford Are we still unable to mass delete stored images? I can’t seem to find a way to do so, but hoping there’s been an update I haven’t stumbled across.

Hi @Kristen_Miraglia, nothing has changed in Infusionsoft in the Filing area.

If you want a 3rd Party Solution, try out the Chrome Extension “XtendIn” -

There is an option that adds a button that can delete all the files currently listed in the table. It will delete the Files one by one that are listed. If you adjust the Table Length to 100, it will delete the 100. If you have 1000s then you will have to navigate through the table pages to delete each lot. Not a perfect solution, but it will save you time.

If you want to know more, just drop me a message.


Yeah, not without the api which is why I was just about to suggest Pav’s plugin, which is well worth it for so many more reasons than this :wink:

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It’s 2021, how is this not an option? We have years of images stored. It’s crazy I have to delete 100s of images, one at a time. Come on Infusionsoft.


I’m hearing you Brian.