Why are passwords of members no longer visibl?

I find it absurd that we have to create an email to see a member’s password. now. If I have someone with difficulty login in this makes an extra step for me to try and assist them. WHY?? the change.


Known issue related to recent updates. I believe I’ve read that it should be modified in some way in the next updates.

Chat support gave me a temporary workaround:

Search for the contact in the regular “View Contacts” page. Add the password field to the columns. Once you search, the password field is shown unobsecured in the search results.

They have this simple how to video.

Chat support also suggested that we can leave feedback at https://keap.com/tellus.

I have opted to inform them that I would prefer this feature to be optional, and that I would set it to “off”.

I’ve had success with a Chrome plugin.