Which API call matches KeapID or email?

When looking at the following calls, which one can be used to efficiently determine the specific member that matches an email or keapId, without having to search for all members. I am looking at Keap REST API right now but the problem with this is that when multiple matches are shown, because it is using a pagination style with the next_page_token, it misleads me into thinking that the “latest” member will always be in the last token, but because there is no “Get Last Page”, how can this be done more efficiently so I do not have to call the Keap API as many times as next_page_tokens appear.

I posed this for my developers and they send me this:

assuming they’re using the list contacts api, they can use order_by in an API call to be desc
I think in general, most of the list modules have an order option.
V2 is slightly different than V1 though