API Param for Recently Updated Contacts

Hey y’all. Simple question here which I have been struggling to find a working solution. I am seeking to find the api param which will allow me to identify contact IDs which have been modified only after a specified date.

The use case is an ETL to get contact ID’s and a few fields. The param will be used to reduce the load on the api and the database by only querying for contacts recently updated rather than the full application.

Does anyone have pointers on this? I have googled, used AI (Chat GPT) and the api docs. I must be missing something.

Thanks in advance!
(Manager playing developer…)

Late answer here.

The REST v1 API List Contacts has an “order” property that can query the “last_updated” field, and you can order it by newest to oldest by set setting the “order_direction” to “descending”.