Where to look for date field errors?

Hi, My name is Bob and I have been working for Girl Scouts on workplace automation. In one of the forms that are being filled out in IFS, the date of birth is having frequent errors in the “year.” The errors are all similar, the year begins with an 0 and then has an 8 or a 6 followed by 10. You know its common if I can reproduce that without even looking. When it occurs it will not go to the next step because it is an invalid DOB. Has anyone else see this or have an idea how to prevent it?



I haven’t ever come across this. This one sounds very strange though. I would recommend reaching out to the live support team at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2 to present this, as there will need to be a little bit of troubleshooting that is going to need to happen, that may prove to be a little difficult over the forum, due to the nature. The fact that you are able to duplicate an issue is a very good thing though, because if it is something deeper than our live support can solve on the fly, they will be able to get examples compiled for our Advanced Support team to dig into.