Where can I find the ids for custom fields?

I’ve created a couple of custom fields and now want to use the REST API to add a contact with values for the custom fields.

From the set-up it implies I can reference these fields with a leading _ e.g. _customExampleField but when I attempt a request it leads to an error unrecognized property: customExampleField

From other discussions in the community it appears I must instead reference the custom field using its id e.g. (per the REST API docs)

  "custom_fields": [
      "content": {},
      "id": 0

I’ve looked in the admin section where the custom fields are listed but cannot find any reference to the id. So my question is where can I find the id for my custom fields?

Hi @Sam_Atkins, you can find custom field ids for each resource at their respective model endpoint. For example, if you wanted to retrieve the list of contact custom fields, make a call to this endpoint and you will get the list of custom fields back which will contain their id.