Where are all the old topics?


For the longest time the community forums where the go-to resource to figure out how to do something in Infusionsoft that is outside of what support can help you with.

Now it’s back, but it seems like all of that knowledge is gone.

Are there any plans on importing all the old discussions?

If not, this is a huge step back and not an improvement.


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Hi Kim,

If you need to retrieve details of an old forum topic, then post a message to Martin: @martinc
The old forum data is available, but not directly accessible.

If you need to see some of the old topics, there is the Wayback Machine which can retrieve some of the data: Wayback Machine

It was more likely decided to start from fresh again, then to have 100s of old topics filling up the new forum. Although some of the past questions and answers maybe out of date now due to ongoing improvements.

Hopefully this new forum will stay around much longer than before.

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Thanks for your reply.

I think that decision is very disappointing. I don’t need anything specific from there, but I oftentimes found solutions to problems support couldn’t solve on the forum.

All of that knowledge is now gone and this new forum doesn’t provide any additional value except for looking a little bit better.

It’s a step back in my opinion.

I understand you Kim. I had posted numerous answers in the old forum before, and there was sample code and solutions that would help people.

The Facebook groups has got questions and answers in there as well, that would have a longer history and is searchable.

@Kim_Streich thanks so much for the feedback. We did suggest to the group that if there was a topic from the old forum to message @martinc and we could retrieve it, but appreciate your example of quick searches on the old forum to find things Support couldn’t answer in the moment.

I will be chatting with Marty at ICON in a couple hours, and I’ll make sure he sees this feedback as well, and see if we can re-consider bringing more posts from the old forum. If you’re Ok with it, I might have Marty reach out for your help to get more specific examples and more details from you.

Thanks again, and please keep posting and jumping in conversation

Sure, you can reach out to me.

I’d say most of the posts from the API forum and all the posts describing hacky solutions to things such as confirmation links that redirect to another page and custom legacy order forms.

Yeah, I’ve always been open to bringing in more content from the old forums. I’ll need the community to help vett the content as most of it is at least 8 months old now. I’ll take a look it on Friday.

Thanks for responses!