Remember that topic on the old API forum?

We’ve tried to seed the API Discussion category with a few of the most popular topics from the old API forum. I’m not sold on the idea of importing all of the old content…it’s too messy and no one will get credit for their work. At the same time, I’m open to suggestions from the API community. Should I copy/paste the top 50 or 100?..based on what criteria…most page views, most replies?

I’ll start by “taking requests” of old content. If there is a specific topic that you remember, let me know what it was about and I should be able to find it. I have access to search the old database, so you’ll need to give me some keywords to search on.

If this isn’t sufficient, we can figure something out.

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I know about several old API forum topics that maybe of interest. But I will wait to see if anyone else would need to know particular answers.

I agree with you in regards into not importing all the content. Some questions and answers will be out-of-date now, and some questions did not get answered at all. Starting fresh will flush out the redundant posts.

But if anyone wants to see parts of the old forum go and visit the Wayback Machine: Wayback Machine
Unfortunately the archiving is not complete, but Martin can extract any specific posts for you.


Thanks, Pav! Just let me know how I can help and I’ll do what I can. Moving forward, moderators will make sure that all content is kept updated and relevant.

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