What's the API URL for looking up a subscription?

I got a hook for subscription.add verified.
But the data I got was


Why is the apiUrl empty ?
I tied

$url = "https://api.infusionsoft.com/crm/rest/v1/subscriptions/{$id}?access_token={$token}";

but it didn’t work.

Hi @Dave_Lavinsky, unfortunately a REST endpoint for subscriptions does not exist.

Right now first month $0 subscriptions aren’t coming through invoice.payment.add endpoint. So I thought I’ll look it up ad subscription.add but that too isn’t available.

So how do I log the first subscription to my database coming in from a webhook ? What should I be ‘listening’ for ?

You could use XML-RPC DataService.query and the RecurringOrder table to retrieve subscription information.

Can you show an example on how to do this in PHP given the subscription id ?

can you please tell me how i retrieve database name in keap API ?