"What's New" button does not show notifications

“What’s New” button does not show notifications.

This is a bit vague. Where are you seeing a “what’s new” button?

It’s the Nav Icon at the bottom of the screen, when it’s clicked you can see “What’s New” http://screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/1HxZ/1519166476838-89360.png

There should be a red notification number when new items are added since the last time you clicked “What’s New” are you not seeing the red notification?

Oh! THAT…lol


Try clearing your browser cache. That feature is managed by browser cookies and where cookies are concerned, when something acts up then clearing browser cache often ‘resets’ or corrects it.

Please see graphic attached. In the bottom right corner is a notification button that pops us as “What’s New”. I used to be able to read these notifications, but now it just shows up blank.

Thanks for any help!


I see the red notification, but when I ask to expand the notifications, it’s blank. See below:

What browser are you using? For some reason the images you posted aren’t showing.

I use Firefox.

No luck, I use firefox – I cleared cache, closed program and reopened to no avail.

Actually as I was looking at this the notification was cleared. Were you able to view them?