What should region and country be set for Armed Forces?

I cannot find in Keap or in API a valid region for Armed Forces in Europe, Pacific, and Americas.

What should the region be for those who reside in the AE, AP, and AA?

The region is geographic and I don’t think they have something specific to the base or location within that region for military installations.

It would seem problematic if you have a contact with just a country and region, no email, and their address uses an Armed Forces location.

It may be some ignorance on my part, but can’t those be treated as normal addresses within the larger region?

I’m not entirely familiar with the way it really works either. The country should be USA, and their region should be AFE, AFP, or AFA. We do not know their exact region and sometimes not even their foreign country.

It’s actually not as a big problem as I originally thought. I just thought that Armed Forces should be added as a region.