What is wrong with the link option in the e-mail builder after the upgrade?

I used to be able to insert a link easily into highlighted text in the e-mail builder. But now after the upgrade when I try to insert a link it inserts text with in the e-mail like this /~Link-35702~.

I have to find this random text delete it and try to re-insert the link and hope it does not happen again.

What’s up with that?

Hmmmm, I am not able to recreate this in my application. @Pamela_Hughes1 have you reached out to the support team to present this? I would like to have them gather some of your examples to look at, and to assist in pinpointing what is causing this.

If you can reach out to the phone support team @ 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, or the chat team, to present your issue, they will be able to gather data, and work with the Advanced Support team, if they have issues figuring out the cause of this.

Yes it’s happened to me a couple of times, but only when I have clicked the curser off the spot from the text I want linked. Then it inserts the /~Link at the beginning of the section.

I just go back, re-select the text, and ensure I don’t click again, and it works fine.

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