What is the best webinar platform for Infusionsoft?

Hi Guys…need help to find the best webinar platform for IS…we’re currently using Everwebinar.

I’m not sure what the “best” is, because that likely depends on a whole bunch of variables, but I have been using and loving Demio. And it does have “like live” options similar to EverWebinar, and a native Infusionsoft integration that does pretty much everything I’d want. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how relevant it would be but another “angle” to answer by would be the most commonly used one, which is Zoom… by the numbers that is.

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Thanks @Greg_Jenkins. How do I upload a pre-recorded webinar? Can I use a private listed video?

Here ya go: http://help.demio.com/like-live-replays

I have been using Demio for automated webinars and after trying most of the other platforms, this had the best automated features and price (50% reduction for non-profits). I am looking at activating the IS integration but wonder about the shortfall of having to change my IS password every 90 days which would then break the Demio integration unless I remember to remove and add it again with the new credentials. Has anyone got a workaround for this? I wonder if I was to use a ‘dummy’ IS account (that no one ever uses and therefor is never prompted to change its password) if the integration with Demio will keep working beyond 90 days?

I also Demio, and have for a few years - I haven’t had to update my connection between Demio and Infusionsoft at all. I think once you’ve authenticated it you’re good to go.