How to track and do webinar registration?

Is there a best way to do webinar registration? I have set up just a confirmation email that sends link. Is there a better way, particularly directly with webinar software in order to track attendance, etc.

Are you currently using a specific webinar platform? WebinarJam and GoToWebinar have some solutions to integrate with Infusionsoft, to track and trigger automation based on webinar engagement.

Yeah, the way you track your webinar registrations will likely depend on the webinar platform you select. Do you have a webinar tool yet, or are you still weighing your options?

Still trying to decide. I thought I was getting a trial of gotowebinar, but it is only gotomeeting and not sure if it gives me the registration connection or info.

Cool. Another option worth considering is Demio. I’ve been playing with it more lately, and it has most of the features I could imagine wanting. Link: