What happens when I exceed API calls, can I manually upload orders?

We have a store that we are about to sync with infusion soft probably using infusedwoo or similar.

The problem is that we have 53000 past orders, is there a way for me to upload these orders/contacts via csv so I don’t max out the api on sync?

After that, we have about 300-500 orders a day, infusedwoo told me 1000 orders approx per day would max out the API.

When we reach 1000 orders a day how can we keep in sync with infusionsoft? Is there a way to stagger the uploads or manually upload orders via csv on a daily basis instead of synching via the api?

@Forest_Parks Thanks for coming to the Community for help! We’re presently working on some great documentation around quotas that will help answer your questions. In the meantime, here are some excerpts I hope you will find useful.

Regardless of quotas, I would recommend keeping your system loosely coupled with Infusionsoft in this situation, using a intermediary queue of some sort. (Here’s one of results Google returned when I did a search http://soapatterns.org/design_patterns/asynchronous_queuing.)


[You are limited to] 125,000 [OAuth-authorized API calls] a day, reset at midnight GMT and 25 API calls every second.

Tracking usage:

Every successful API call and many failed API calls will return exactly where you are on the daily limit and the per second limit.

Example (from Mashery):

X-Packagekey-Qps-Allotted: 25
X-Packagekey-Qps-Current: 1
X-Packagekey-Quota-Allotted: 2000000
X-Packagekey-Quota-Current: 105094
X-Plan-Quota-Reset: Saturday, July 30, 2016 12:00:00 AM GMT

The developer application owner receives an email at 65% of the daily usage and 100% of the daily usage as well as 100% of the per second usage.

Temporary increases:

If more API calls are found to be needed, [we may] be able to extend the limit temporarily …, let us know what you [need] and create a support case.

Hi Forest,

If you contact support, they might be able to turn on a ‘restricted import’ of orders. Be sure to download the example files and test before batching a large group. I’m pretty sure it’s off by default because it can fairly easily create bad data. Although if you’re writing code and doing API work, a simple CSV import should be easy enough.

Thanks Mark,

I am not writing the code myself, just using a plugin. However simple CSV work should be easy enough for me to deal with…. I will talk with IS and see if they can guide me.

Thanks very much!