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Hi everyone,
Want to get your feedback on which website platform you prefer (pros and cons), Weebly or Wordpress? I have a few sites that we’ve built in Weebly and one that I did years ago in Wordpress, None are integrated to Infusionsoft. The reason for the question is that we have some website work in the pipeline (which will be using in conjunction with Infusionsoft) and can’t decide which platform to go with. Although, I see a lot of references to Wordpress in the community so I think I know what the answer is going to be.


Definitely, definitely WordPress. Weebly is not a platform for serious business growth. If you just need a simple little page and are confident you can build it in Weebly, that is fine. If you need a website that can grow and expand with your business, and can easily add any feature that you need, WordPress is by far the better decision.


Thanks @JustinHandley great information and definitely strong reasons to go with Wordpress.’


Don’t dismiss Weebly right out of the gate. I’ve built four revenue producing websites using Weebly and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I just completed a transfer of my main Wordpress site (which I originally built four years ago) to Weebly site in the past month. Simple interface, professional designs and a ridiculously small learning curve. Weebly (and other drop and drag builders) get a bad wrap in InfusionSoft circles (I had to whisper the name at ICON17) but the list of pros, at least for me, made it a no brainer.

@Steven_Lanham_Ezdire thanks for the input and good timing. I just had my team start working on a new site in Wordpress and they’ve been pushing back a bit. I thought it was the learning curve, we’ve used Weebly in the past. Your input does give some weight to their position.

I have to agree, Weebly is crazy easy to use with a short learning curve. I can’t say the same for Wordpress.


I would also check out Duda.co they have a WEBSITE RESELLER PROGRAM for professional web developers and designers. Really fast to build sites for clients! They also have built in some converting features that they call In-Site with trigger controlls. No need for pop-up plug-ins etc.
I have been on Weebly and Wordpress before, but moved my own website on Duda platform and will use for my clients.

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Did you integrated IS into your Duda website? They have a contact form builder and we need to integrate this to IS.


Jason Rainbird

Hi Jason,
I have integrated my form with Infusionsoft by using a Webhook in Zapier.
Sorry for the late reply. (My email-preference was turned off)


I am using Duda and moving clients there from other platforms, how is the integration going?

Can you please send any info on how to do the integration with zapia?

Hi Dave,

You don’t necessarily need to use Zapier to integrate Duda and IS forms. You can drop the code into an html box inside duda. You will probably need to do some restyling to make it look good. Here is an example of a duda website and IS forms.