Video on Email Broadcast

Just wondering, if there’s any way to send email broadcast with videos? So people can watch the videos on Email itself and not have to go to any Link.
If so, Could you please advice on how to do it?

Thanks and Regards,
Swaraj Shamkuwar

@Swaraj_Shamkuwar1, unfortunately most email clients don’t support embedding videos in email. The best way is to link an image of the video out to where it’s hosted.


Cheryl nailed it (as usual). But here’s a good resource on this from @Mandy_Brasser:

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Thanks Greg for sharing!

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Any update on this? I am interested in the same thing as Swaraj and was hoping you had possibly developed this by now.

There is no way for anyone to do this because email clients don’t permit the code necessary in emails to run for security reasons. Doing so would open up a flood gate of virii to your clients computers…so no email service provider will be able to offer this in any way that email client applications would allow.