Using Pay by Check on an Order Form

I have helped clients setup the shopping cart to accept payments by check, and I was planning to use that to help a client with their order forms… But when I tried to set this up, the order form is not showing the option to send a check, it only shows the credit card form.

Is it possible to turn on the pay by check option on an Order Form??

After all these years, I’ve never heard this brought up. I believe this could be done with Legacy order forms but I’ve never thought about it for order forms. Hoping others chime in here who might know.

This has been brought up before, although not recently. When last broached with support, this was not possible, either with the new order forms or with the old legacy order forms. There may be a possibility with the API or by integrating another merchant account, but natively, it is not. As I last understood it, this was not due to any desire on Infusionsoft’s part, but more because of the fact that each merchant account has different ways of accepting e-checks, which are not standardized to the degree that credit card approval is.

@Camille_Shieff, has it right. This is almost entirely a merchant account specific option. There would be ways to accommodate this given a merchant account that permitted eCheck processing but it’s not native because the process isn’t standardized.

@Camille_Shieff @John_Borelli

But you haven’t hit on the actual question that I made. I’m not trying to accept echeck payments - I want the “Send a Check” radio button to be enabled on the Order Form so that I can hack it to allow the order to go through without a payment actually being made so that the customer can accept payments after the order is made and processed.

I apologize for not fully understanding your question. I have never seen “Pay By Check” available in order forms - either in their current form or in the older legacy forms. I do not know if it’s simply that it’s never been programmed in or if there is some limiting factor that prevents it.

That option isn’t available on order forms; however, if you’re already using the shopping cart in this way, you can create a product bundle link that works just like an order form. You’ll have the functionality of an order form with the flexibility of the shopping cart “send a check” payment option. Without any custom work, that’s probably going to be your best bet.

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You could add fields that map to custom fields for check information and then raise a tag special to that process but @martinc is suggesting the product bundle because just having the fields would obviously not be enough to register a sale/order/purchase. The tricky part isn’t if you can gather the information, it’s more about how much coding it would take to make certain that it registered as a purchase.

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