Using HTML Email Builder - Items showing in preview but not in sent email

Along the sames line as this, I have a fully HTML email I’m putting together and it has a background image and a video that show up in the preview window but never on email send.
In regards to the video can we use iframe at all?
and the background image I am using :
style="background:url(https://background_image.png);background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size:contain;background-position:center; ;

any help is appreciated

  • background image support will be hit and miss with various email clients.
  • iframes aren’t supported by any email client that I’m aware of.

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Yeah, I can back Marty on the second point. Iframes and videos embedded into email will be stripped by most major (most all) email clients. The inbox provider has complete control over any email that is being delivered into an inbox, and has the ability to strip specific html elements. Something that looks one way in Gmail, may get rendered a different way in a Yahoo inbox, which is why background images would be very hit or miss.