Users Dashboard Report (in Admin Reports)

Where do I find the definitions of the fields in this report (the Users Dashboard Report in Admin Reports)- for example, “Activity Log”, “Leads overdue” etc

I believe Leads is a legacy system term for “Opportunities”. So, Leads Overdue would be opportunities that have a “target move date” that has already elapsed.

Thanks Greg - any clues as to the other fields or where I can find out?

Hi there,

Unfortunately this isn’t listed anywhere (though I have raised this with Infusionsoft) but I am able to shed light on all of the columns.

Login - Total Log-ins
Stealth - Total times a Partner or Infusionsoft employee has accessed your interface
Contacts added - Total contacts added in to the system by user.
Contacts last updated by user - I believe the contacts updated in their last session.
Leads added - Total number of opportunities created by the user
Leads last updated - Updated last session again
Leads overdue - Amount of opportunities where “next action” date is overdue.
Activity Log - Total tasks completed.
To do - Total tasks outstanding.

Not crystal clear the way it’s written is it? Hope this is useful,


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Thanks Sam