User Dashboard Report

Are there videos somewhere about the reports? Specifically, I’m looking for one that shows me how to read the User Dashboard Report. For instance, what does Stealth refer to? Thanks!

Hey, @Donna_Cutting. Here is an article/video that covers some of the basics. Let me know if that helps. If you see a reference to “Stealth” in any articles or videos, it refers to back-end settings that only Infusionsoft Technical Support employees have access to. So either I didn’t have time to edit it out, or I just overlooked it, so sorry if that confused you.

Here is the article: Customize The Home Page Dashboard | Max Classic

Here is an example of employee-only “Stealth” setting that Support uses to test various back-end things.


Thank you. I appreciate this. I was more looking for how to read the specific report called “User Dashboard Report” - I’m trying to figure out what all of my users are doing on Infusionsoft - and specifically keeping track of the activity of my sales people.