Uploading a vCard file (vcf) to Company Files

I’m setting up an email so the recipient can download a vCard and directly import into their Outlook. I uploaded a vcf file a few years ago to Infusionsoft w/ no problem. Now when I upload a newer file for this email sequence, it tells me it’s an unsupported format. How can I get that file uploaded? Thanks for any help.

As a way to maintain security Infusionsoft implemented validation on what file types would be allowed to be uploaded. Here is another post about the supported file types: File upload accepted extensions - #5 by bradb

That being said I know that other people have uploaded a file onto their server and referenced it in an email. The url would then have people download it. It isn’t as good as simply opening the file however it does have better inbox placement then an email with vcf file attachments generally.

Thanks, JonSmith. This is a general campaign for insurance agents that I’ll be pushing into various accounts. I need a one-size-fits-all solution rather than depending on whether or not each one can upload a file to their individual sites – so guess it’s back to the drawing board! :slight_smile: Thanks for your time.