Unhelpful emails on card processing failure

Hi. I get an email like this when a payment doesn’t go through using Keap Payments:

It’s pretty useless without the contact name or order information.

Is there something that I need to set up differently to include this information?


I posted this a couple months ago and no one replied. Does anyone from Keap monitor this forum? I will post to FB instead.

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I’ve seen that same comment from others. It’s not a setup issue on your end. I’d request it as a “feature” improvement at https://keap.com/tellus

Did you ever get a response? I agree this is near useless info if I don’t know whose payment had the problem.

The response I got was that there was no way to customize this and that I needed to request this as a feature. I did that but I have not seen it added to the pipeline. It seems like SUCH an easy fix to at least add the customer’s name or the amount or SOMETHING identifiable. Otherwise, it’s a wild goose chase every time a card payment fails.

Thank you for responding Jim, I appreciate it!