Unable to retrieve and print the saved report in Python Jupyter

from infusionsoft.library import Infusionsoft

infusionsoft = Infusionsoft(‘app name’, ‘api key’)
savedSearchID = 5813
userID = 26789
pageNumber = 1
limit = 10

myitems = infusionsoft.SearchService(‘getSavedSearchResultsAllFields’, savedSearchID, userID, pageNumber, limit)



(‘ERROR’, <Fault 0: ‘No method matching arguments: java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer’>)

What am I doing wrong?

getSavedSearchResultsAllFields doesn’t have a limit parameter. Try without it.

Usually the first parameter (string) is the api key value (when you see the java.lang error message any way).

I don’t know about the python module but generally the SDK’s handle that part automatically.

So the below should be how it’s formatted with Python. The short of it is that the parameters (user id, page number etc) must be an array of arguments.

args = {“savedSearchID” : “”, “userID” : “”, “pageNumber” : “”}
infusionsoft.SearchService(getSavedSearchResultsAllFields, args)