Two API-Related Bug Reports

Two things I stumbled across while solving my earlier referral id problem:

  1. In the REST api, there is a mismatch on the ‘lead_affiliate_id’ and ‘sales_affiliate_id’ fields – if I create an order setting the ‘sales_affiliate_id’ field, the returned record lists the data in the ‘lead_affiliate_id’ field (‘sales_affiliate_id’ is 0). Inspecting the order in IFS itself shows that the data was properly attached to the ‘sales_affiliate_id’ field, so it’s simply an output error. Humorously (and similarly), setting the ‘lead_affiliate_id’ during order creation causes the value to be returned in the ‘sales_affiliate_id’ field – but again, inspecting in IFS shows that the proper field was in fact set.
  2. In the XML RPC api, when reading from the Referral table, the DateExpires field appears to never be returned. Was using the current phpsdk, via data()->findByField( ‘Referral’, 1000, 0, ‘ContactId’, $contactID, $wantedFields ), where $contactID was the contact’s id and $wantedFields was an array containing all of the field names for the Referral table. The contact I tested against had a mixture of referral records both with & without expiration dates based on their record in IFS – but the DateExpires information was never returned from the API. Was planning to filter the result to keep only non-expired entries, so is fairly minor.

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