Trying to find the Billing Automation Order Settings

I’ve found a few tutorials that explain how to set up the proper settings for a Thinkific integration, BUT, all the tutorials i can find are for the new Infusionsoft user interface not the classical.

I’m currently using the classical interface. How do I find: Product > Order Settings > Billing Automation
in the classical view?

Hi, Ian. You caught me in a bit of a transitional period with help content. I should have most things ironed-out by end of next week, so I apologize for the confusion.

The two SKUs are referred to as “Infusionsoft” and “Classic Infusionsoft”

Here is the Home Page for Classic Infusionsoft: Help Center | Infusionsoft

…and here is the section you are looking for: Billing Automation | Max Classic

Good deal! That’s very helpful.

The online chat also was live again and I asked them why I couldn’t find it and was because it’s not part of our subscribed package. We need to upgrade to get access to it.