Trademark symbol

How do I add a trademark symbol to an email broadcast?

On my Mac it’s just holding the Option key, and pressing the number 2 (option+2) - and I’m able to add it directly to the email builder.

So, you may be able to type it in directly with the right keystroke, or, try adding it in Google Docs and then copying it in.

Hope that helps!

I know they’re showing kind of small but maybe it’s easier to copy/paste?

Copyright symbol = ©
Registered Trademark symbol = ®
Unregistered Trademark symbol = ™

Can Infusionsoft provide the ability to add these? I keep having to go out to my external text file to get it.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be right away but to request a feature or give feedback they have a webform specifically for that purpose. Right now they do not have anything to implement characters like this:

Thank you. I just submitted my suggestion.