Tracking Email Opens

I watched the John Borelli video this morning and did exactly as stated. On the first email, I put the code at the top of the email and it didn’t seem to wind up there, but it actually had. My code reads

<img src="~Link-7752~" width="" height=“1” />` but the code didn’t work and the tag didn’t apply. In going back to the email, I couldn’t get to the code snippet. It simply wasn’t there but in the email I have a broken image indicator (see image) You’ll notice there’s two of them in the image I uploaded here and this is because when I went back and couldn’t see the code snippet after the first email test. Now I can’t see either of them and it seems my only option is to delete the email and start over. Which really sucks. I can’t select either of the two that are at the top of the page to edit them. In creating a new email in a different sequence, making the width 200 x 200 I can see the broken image link at 200 and in the email builder I can click on it. So, there’s two things, the broken email indicator, which would be better suited at the bottom since I don’t know how to get rid of it and the inability to select the single pixel pair of link objects in the current email.


Hi, @Keith_Shapiro,

Not sure about how much these are affecting things but look at the following:

  1. it looks like the quotes in what you posted here are not the normal quotes. Try replacing them like I had to do in the video.
  2. you don’t have anything in between the quotes after width= so place a 1 inside those…

<img src="~Link-7752~" width="1" height="1" />

Well, there’s a silly mistake. Didn’t even see that. I’ll try it and get back to you.

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@John_Borelli , I just tested this today using the code in an HTML snippet in the new builder - and I’m getting the broken image no matter how many times I check the code. It works perfectly as is in the old email builder but not in the new. Has there been an update that changed this?

Hi @Cheryl_Hunt,

I know you know what you’re doing here, but just to cover the bases, post the code you’re using as I still have my example working. I’ll try a new example to make sure in the mean time :wink:

Here’s my code: <img src="~Link-1254~" width="1" height="1" />

I just tried it with Jarrod’s solution using Graphly to add a transparent background and that took care of the issue. Not everyone has a Graphly account so was trying to figure it natively with additional code. I found some that someone posted adding a white background but that didn’t even work.

I’ll be offline for about an hour but will check back…anxious to see if your new tests still show it working w/o the broken image.

Ok, so I’m not sure why the broken link part is happening but the work around would be to add a hidden attribute to the img tag like this:

<img src="~Link-1254~" width="1" height="1" hidden="hidden" />

Were you getting the broken image as well, John? And did you test this already? I will test shortly.

I tested and it worked for me but I wasn’t getting the broken image. I would think that the broken image icon would only show if the “file was not found” which would indicate to me that the link wasn’t correct but as I doubt that to be the case for more than one person, I’m not sure why you guys are getting that. Even without the hidden attribute, I just showed nothing there.

Interesting. When I do it through Graphly (their link) it’s fine. I’m setting up the test with the “hidden” added to the code now.

The pixel never appears broken inside the email builder. It’s broken after it’s sent. So yours was ok after you sent it?

I tested your code, John and it looks fine in the builder but once sent, the broken image shows instead. It works just looks bad. The only thing I’ve found that works is to use the link provided by Graphly.

And Graphly’s link is used as an image link. Not HTML. I think it’s the HTML snippet - doesn’t work well for much at all. Thanks for trying but it looks like HTML is a no-go.

I don’t think that’s it, @Cheryl_Hunt because I see it working in some cases so there has to be another factor involved?

Yeah, it’s weird, @John_Borelli. Jarrod Morris has always maintained that the normal way we’ve all been using with the automation link and pixel does not work in the new builder. I’ve only tried it using my email so not sure if it’s an ISP provider thing.

That’s a good point, @Cheryl_Hunt. The video I did on this shows sending to our Office365 (outlook) and it worked in that one but I haven’t tried different ESP’s either.

Later on tonight, I’ll try it in my Outlook and update here. I’d be really interested on how it renders for you, @John_Borelli in other ESP’s. We’ll crack this case lol

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Well, well. @John_Borelli, the broken image persists in the Yahoo ESP…but looks and works fine in Outlook using the normal link configuration we’ve always used in the HTML snippet in the new builder. Still can’t use it if there are any ESP’s that might see the broken image. So strange.

@Cheryl_Hunt, is this the result with using the ‘hidden’ attribute as well?

Yep. Even with the hidden attribute, it is broken in Yahoo. Without the hidden attribute, it works fine as is in Outlook.

Hmmm… now this is getting ‘personal’ lol