Track Referral Activity Via The Api

I’m working with a developer to create orders and track referral partner (RP) activity via the API.

I just want to verify the setup is correct. Currently we are tracking RP activity by capturing the RP ID from the URL. explained here: Track referral activity via the API | Max Classic

Based on this setup if appears that tracking only happens IF someone clicks a RP link and the purchase is right away. IF they click away, come back a fews days later via a non-RP link, that RP partner won’t get credit, because the cookie is not used by the API.

Is this right? or did we miss something?

We figured it out. Case closed

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i’m super interested in what you figured out here.

would you post your findings and solution?

@Andrew_Schulz unfortunately, our developers just informed me that they fixed it. I have no idea what they did. It was so long ago and I believe we went with a different solution.

Sorry, not much help.