To post removed tags to another server from infusion soft

Is there any tool or functionality in Infusionsoft to post removed tags to any other server. Suppose a tag has been added to a contact now if i remove this tag from that contact at that same time i want to post or send that contact to other server. Is it possible with Infusionsoft?

There is no way to trigger something based on tag removal. However, you could build a small campaign to do the tag removal that could include sending info to another server via http post.

If you want to remove Tag A, create a tag called ‘remove tag A’. Have that start a sequence where you fire off the http post, then remove the 2 tags: ‘tag A’ and ‘Remove Tag A’

Thank you, Jeff!

I see that option, but can we send that removed tag to other server. Like there is a trigger in campaign create with name ‘applied tags’ that gives an option to send applied tags to other server. I actually want to send removed tags of a contact to other server at the time i will remove a tag from a contact in infusionsoft .

I’m not sure what you mean by ’send the tag to another server’
You could set up your sequence this way, so that when you remove a particular tag, you send an HTTPs post to another server to identify whatever it is you want to identify.

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