Time Zone feature is intermittent. Can it be improved?

I don’t always see a time zone listed. This is something that would be helpful to me. How can this be fixed?

I think the system is designed that if you have City/State both filled out it will give you a timezone. If you have both city and state completed and you aren’t getting a time zone, I”d check with support.

It’s captured via JavaScript from the web browser. So if visitors are using old or unsupported browsers, timezone won’t be captured.

input.value = Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions().timeZone;

Here is browser compatibility:

We are having some issues with not everyone having a time zone populated on their record. At first we thought it was because our countries were coming over in all caps and being marked as invalid but I manually changed a profile’s country to the matching IS provided country and the state is valid but no time zone is populated. I am using a chrome browser so according to the web doc it should be working.