This is a WordPress/Facebook - Newbie Question

2 Questions for all you smartie pants!

  1. Each week I send a Newsletter with Home Improvement Tips to our Clients (I don’t write it, but I make it pretty LOL). I want to “share” it on our Facebook page. Before I do - I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME, get our Logo to fit on the Profile Picture…SMH…Can somebody help me with it? I understand the minimin/maximum number of pixels etc…But it still comes out crappy!

  2. The “peeps” that look at our Facebook page are not current Clients (but could be) - If I were to post something like "Want to receive our Newsletter in your In-Box?? (or something of the like). Please enter Name, email address…blah blah blah and have it automatically populate IS and Tag it?

Thank you all, in advance!