Texting as payment reminders

We have looked at Trumpia, which is totally outside the Infusionsoft platform but, it doesn’t allow the modification of existing campaigns or ease to do so.

We have a furniture store that is offering in-house financing, we want to have a campaign that sends out text reminders 7 days prior to the next payment. Payments vary based on length of contract (3/6/9/12 months) and payment cycle (monthly/bi-weekly/weekly).

I know I can easily set-up a campaign to do this but am not sure which partner to explore for the texting part.

Fix Your Funnel has a number of tools around messaging and Twilio can also be used. We’ve worked solutions where http posts were used instead to send the message and essentially, most of the SMS services out there allow for that to be possible but I’d start with FYF because they have a lot built around SMS as a service already in place.