Text message opt-in protocols

I am looking for opt-in information and protocols to be able to opt-in prospects and clients so that we may send them text messages without getting in “trouble”.

How are you gathering their data?


Hi Andy - thanks for your question. The audience is mostly senior citizens and 99% of how we are getting their information is in-person at table-tops that are out in public (in front of grocery stores, drug stores, etc) and at senior health fairs. I imagine there is standard language that we could print on a form and they could sign but the standard language is elusive. Any help is appreciated.

From a GDPR point of view - which has to be the touchstone I refer to - it just needs to be clear and understandable

So a simple question asking if they are happy to receive SMS about XYZ (whatever the XYZ is) would be enough - if they say yes then you are good to go.

Personally I’d probably make a small webform for data capture that I can have on my mobile / tablet and get them to fill in their details with a check box - that way you get the right info and they are doing the signup - but this might be over the top :slight_smile:

Thanks again Andy.

I agree with you.

Do you happen to have exact language that you use and can share with me to opt-in to SMS messaging?

I don’t, because it needs to be specific to what you are doing.

however the best resource I know is this: GDPR For Online Entrepreneurs (UK, US, CA, AU) | Facebook

Suzanne Dibble is superb and even if you aren’t dealing with European clients (I have no clue where you are based) the content is excellent.

That should sort you out :slight_smile:

Great! I just requested to join the Facebook group. I am located in the US. Thanks so much! Andres