Is there SMS Opt in option?

Hi ya’ll!
Is there a way to set up a “text THIS to #0000 for more info” in InFusionsoft?
I’ve looked all over, but cannot seem to find anything. Just wanted to see if I was totally missing it.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Marketing_Mama There are quite a few SMS integrations available in the marketplace. I know Mobit does what your talking about because we used them at an event last year…but there are several integrations you can browse through.

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I’m using turbodial it works but i’m trying to automate more with this and have lots of questions

So I can’t speak to TurboDial specifically, but we have been working with different SMS solutions of late especially. One finding is that phone numbers actually have an opt out setting…who knew, right!?

So what questions might you have?