Testing Advanced Automations with Liquid Logic

I’ve got a couple of advanced automations which rely heavily on Liquid to display dynamic text based on tags. In order to test these, I’ve been setting the delays between emails to one minute and then applying the tags to a test contact to see if the emails trigger and display the correct language based on tag.

However, I’m not receiving most of my test emails. For instance, I triggered two branched flows with a total of 16 emails, but I only received one of the emails. However in the Keap contact record, it shows that the entire automation was triggered and all emails were sent.

When I look in the reporting for the automation, it says the emails were delivered and aren’t stuck in the queue. I’ve checked spam folders and email rules on my end and nothing is blocking receipt, and sending individual emails from Keap is working.

Can you think of any reason I’m not getting my test emails from the automations? Is there a best practice for testing automations with dynamic content?