Tasks - how to delete, edit at admin level?

Hi all, New to the community so please be kind but do let m know if I am missing a standard for local etiquette.

We find that the automated tasks in Infusion Soft don’t work with our sales cycle. I have admin level permissions but can’t find where to edit the tasks content and timing. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you! -rg

Are you referring to when the tasks are created and the content that is placed into them by the system? That would need to be edited within the campaign that created them.

To edit the task copy, title, timing or other options for all future tasks that will be created, open a contact record that has one that you want to edit, note the date it was created and the title, then click on the Campaign tab within that contact record. From there you can see the active campaigns that the contact is in. Below that you can see the Recent Campaign History. Scroll down through that until you find the task. The name of the campaign and the sequence are noted at the very bottom.

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Yes! Thank you! I kept searching for tasks, not campaigns. Makes total sense. Thank you very much!

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