Tag Applied triggers API goal?

Can someone point me in the right direction of using a tag added to trigger an API goal?

Documentation refers to them as REST hooks and I’m not sure if you mean tag add or tag applied?


I see. The end goal here is to create a duplicate “order” inside Infusionsoft anytime someone purchases something from Samcart- which integrates with Inf but can only apply a tag upon order purchase. But it’s helpful to see the orders within Infusionsoft without having to switch back and forth.

The idea here is to somehow attach the Infusionsoft product ID and API goal to the Samcart product so that upon purchase, the order is created within Infusionsoft and we can have the record of transaction there.

Is this a place where a developer can potentially be hired to write this snippet of code? So that we can alter the Samcart product checkout URL to look something like this -


Hi, @BGB_Admin,

Yes, myself and a few others are usually available for such projects :wink:

What’s the best way to contact you on this?

Hi, @BGB_Admin,

I PMed you on the forum here.

The cost to manually move people through stages costs more than the software itself. WHY CAN’T TAGS TRIGGER STAGE MOVES???
Dreaming of Salesforce.


We’ve worked out a way to do just that. If you’d like to talk feel free to reach out :wink: