Samcart integration

Hi there,

Has anyone tried to integrate a product page in samcart to infusionsoft? Only some tags appear in the samcart drop-down box, and not sure why.


That sounds like something you’d probably want to take to SamCart’s support. Am I right in hearing that they have an Infusionsoft integration, it is connecting, but you aren’t getting all of your possible tags pulled back? In that case, with hosted software like that, you’d need to get their team to look into it.

Samcart has integration webhooks which can be reliably used to update information in Infusionsoft. We do webhook and api integrations alot so it’s a common request. Zapier will work for alot but it doesn’t always work for every situation.

Thank you! It’s been tricky to have samcart make the purchase and then trigger a campaign (email sequence) to get them their info.

But I am not the best twitch tech, so the problem could be starring at me right in the mirror. :frowning:

Thanks for the insight John!