Surely this is illegal

I am really disturbed and have unanswered questions from a chat with a customer service agent online

Unfortunately the customer service advisor refused to pass me onto a manager or give me an email to complain to which leaves me even more concerned.

I have several email addresses (as most of us do). I added one of my email addresses to Keap so that I could test it and see if I added it to campaigns if it went to my junk folder or main etc.

When I went onto the contact to look at it, it had emails on there that had nothing to do with the keap campaign. It had pulled in separate emails from that account and I have certainly not given permission for that.

I raised this concern (as you can see from the chat at the bottom of this message) with one of the customer service agents and she advised that it can pull in anyones emails, anyones personal emails even if they haven’t given permission just by adding their email address, deleting it and re-adding it, it will pull in their emails to the system (not the emails that have gone out or in from keap, i am talking their own PRIVATE emails).

I am gobsmacked, this is the same as hacking. How can you access and add their personal email correspondence into a system, so as your customer service agent said I could read anyone’s emails (which I am hoping is wrong somewhere along the line, I would be so shocked if it is true, but at the same time that is what it has done for my email I added)

Anyone know what on earth is going on and the legality of this
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Oh boy, sounds like there was some MAJOR miscommunication with the customer support rep you talked to! It’s not what you feared, and it’s definitely not hacking anything.

Keap Max Classic has a feature for synchronizing emails you send to or receive from a contact in your work inbox. This is called Email Sync, and it’s supposed to be for connecting salespeople or customer service agents’ conversations with customers to those customers’ records inside Keap.

Nope, nope, NOPE. It cannot pull in just anyone’s personal emails. The rep you talked to is WRONG about that and needs training on how the feature works. This is how it’s set up, and what it does:

  1. You have to go to your user profile in Keap, scroll down to Mail Accounts, and click the “Sync Email Account” button. At that point, Keap will ask you to allow it to connect to your external inbox on Gmail or an Exchange server.
  2. After you grant it permission, Keap will start monitoring new emails that you send and receive in that email account.
  3. When an email arrives from (or is sent to) an address that matches the main email field of one of your contacts in Keap, Keap then pulls that email into that contact’s record and adds it to the history, like you saw.

What probably happened is this: at some point, you set up the mail sync for your email account. Later, you added that same email address as a contact. Because of that, when Keap connected to the inbox, it saw a bunch of emails sent to/from that address, and synced them all to that contact record.

In a nutshell, Keap can log (IF you allow it) all email communications between your business and its contacts, but in no way can it access a contact’s private emails with anyone else.

I found out what happened in the end. I made a complaint and a helpful lady replied.

One of the people I was emailing had the email sync on (somebody in my organisation)
So when I added my alternative email address as a contact it pulled in any email correspondence I had with this person whos emails are set to sync. So that makes sense.

Although according to the Customer service agent she thinks the system can read anyones emails :roll_eyes:

Anyway. Problem solved


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