Subscription.add hook event does not work, order.add hook does

Hi there,

I am having trouble with the subscription add and edit event hooks. I implemented the hook subscribing similar to contact and order events. So, after hook is created, the verfication procress is stated as successfull (verified). But, If I add a subscription product to any contact, no server call is taking place. On the other hand side, the process of getting the order.add event works like a charm…

What could be wrong here?
Can we except that this is an infusionsoft side issue?

I’ve implemented a serverside logging, there is no incoming call for one of the desired subscription events if any subscription action takes place on a contact.

It would be great if any official could investigate here, Are there any infusionsoft problems at the moment? On the known issues page you’ve pointed out, that tasks and appointments are disabled for 24h. Are there any issues with subscription event hooks too? I need this implementation very, very soon :frowning:

I just ran through a test locally by adding the hooks for “contact.add” and “subscription.add”, then added a contact via the quick add mechanism in the main application, and placed an order for an item that had a subscription plan attached. The results were as expected, with both the contact and subscription triggering a resthook post.

As there does not appear to currently be any issue regarding those two resthook events, I would recommend verifying that the target URI is correct by resubmitting the resthook request, as well as making sure that it verifies correctly.

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Hey Tom, thanks for your support!

I’ve built up everything again:

  1. Create the subscription.add hook
  2. my server logs an incoming call for the verification as expected (Serverlog {“event_key”:“subscription.add”} from IP
  3. Verfication states “Verfified” for the subscription.add hook
  4. I add a subscription order to one of our contacts
  5. nothing happens, there is no incoming server call

The logging takes place at each server request which happens (independent from particular methods), so I can say, that there is absolutely no incoming call from infusionsoft. So, I dont know what to do any more on serverside if I got no requests from infusionsoft??

But, on the other side, the hooks are working fine for contacts and order events…


Are you just “adding a subscription order” or are you actually paying the invoice. I don’t think it counts as a subscription add until it is paid for as an order is more like a request, an invoice is more like a bill and a payment is the fulfillment of that invoice. I could be off but it is possible it wouldn’t trigger until it considered the request for the subscription paid for?

In my test I used Check as the only payment type (easier to see delayed payment effects), and the subscription.add fired when the order was placed, before I entered the payment.

@Michael_Pahl, there might be an issue with the data involved in your particular application, or something else that isn’t immediately apparent. I would suggest contacting the support team for API concerns, who can help you by logging in and with you and validating the data, then creating an issue ticket if one is required for a fix.

You can open a request for an API support representative to get in touch with you at Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal .

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If I’m not mistaken, using check, before payment is confirmed, still treats it like it is paid because check is a special case payment type?