Spam Filter

The spam filter says the following but none of these words are in my email

Your email content has some issues that will impact deliverability. We strongly recommend resolving them before sending this email.

Huge... sums of money
Message Format: X% of a lot of money for you
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I’ve been seeing funky messages from the spam check service too - I think the tool they integrate with must have had an update or something. I’ve been reviewing my copy, changing what I can, and then sending anyway. I trust they’ll sort it out over time, so I’m trying not to let it hang me up for now.

Good luck!


I’m seeing the same sort of thing.
For about 3 months last year, I was having to avoid any words related to covid. Today, my email apparently is about ‘Bank’ ‘Award’ and ‘Reward’. None of these words occur in my email.
Will it still deliver?