Simple unsubscribe

I would like to know if there is a way to simplify unsubscribing. When the contact wants to unsubscribe I don’t want them to have to do anything but click unsubscribe in the email. I do not want it to take them to a confirmation page - just remove the record from my database with that one click. Possible?
Any help greatly appreciated!

Hey Dustin,

The unsubscribe process is pretty baked-in. It’s one of the tools our Compliancy team uses to monitor email abuse…so any means of bypassing the unsubscribe system would likely be a TOS violation.

I would create a saved search on my home page dashboard for contacts that have opted-out and just review and delete them periodically.

But why can’t they just do a one click unsubscribe?

If someone doesn’t want to be on my list. I don’t want to make it difficult for them to unsubscribe. The way your processes that they have to hit the button twice

And tick a reason for unsubscribing

Other companies let you just hit one button and it’s over

So, primarily this is because IS doesn’t have a way to automatically differentiate from single opt out and opt out of all marketing. They may not want to hear about helping with campaigns but they may still be very interested in the email deliverablity education drip they are also in. This provides for that option