Setting up DMARC Record in GoDaddy

I am trying to set up a DMARC Record. I believe I found the spot to do that with GoDaddy, but I do not know what to put in the ‘text value’ field. It says, the value you are setting as the destination of the host.

This is beyond my comprehension and I’d love suggestions.

Then I’ll need to figure out what a DMARC policy is and how to enable it.


DMARC is a bit detailed in all the options you can choose to setup. I would use quarantine for your domain/subdomain options but here is a link that dmarcanalyzer provides specifically for godaddy users on the subject.

Thank you - I see it automatically suggests when getting started using ‘none’ vs. Quarantine. Since I do not know anything about what the DMARC does is quarantine something to check and fix? Is this because of Covid (kidding).

Normally and until recently, none would have been fine. But a new standard is progressively getting added called BIMI. BIMI is a kind of reward system that shows your image inside email inboxes if you have done all of your authentication right. But it will only register BIMI as valid if you don’t use the ‘none’ option in dmarc.