Setting up an email reminder for a task

Hi how do I set up an email reminder for a task? I want the email to remind me to complete the task on the day of the task, I am not referring to the email that notifies me that the task has been set.
Thanks! Wendy

Using a 3rd party like Integromat or Zapier, you could automatically configure what I’m going to list next.

You would need to set up a separate custom field with the day that you are setting the task for.
Then, have a separate line item in your sequence that has a ‘field timer’ set for that day and have your email reminder set up after that.

You can’t, natively, tie a Task to the triggering of an email.


Without the need for having to fill in an additional custom field (which isn’t wrong or bad but easy to forget and an extra step), the IBK REST api can be used to setup a webhook that can handle that automatically.