Setting the email_status field using JSON API

Is it possible to set the email_status of a contact using the JSON API?
I would like to mass update a list of contacts with the Unengaged Non-Marketable status. There are too many to update manually so I am trying to find a way to do this using the JSON API.

To begin, emails are a separate entity so it’s not set on the contact but the email directly. The second thing of note is that once a contact is marked as un-marketable, the api is not allowed to opt them into marketable. I haven’t tried it with the unengaged version of this but that’s been the general design.

If it is possible then you may want to try using the XML-RPC optIn method to address it more directly (which you can use the same access token to use).

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the XML-RPC is the only option. I will try that.