Set Task DUE Date and Time based on custom field on internal form subimission


(i know i can set a field timer in a sequence, but it’s not what i need because if i do so my sales rep cannot see his task schedule in advance)

I really would like to know if there’s a way, i’d prefer native but if necessary even using 3rd parties, to set a task due date based on a custom field date on a internal form submission.

Now my sales rep has to submit an internal form everytime he needs to set a follow up activity, in this form he selects the activity to do next (call, email, mail etc) for every activity there’s a custom date field assigned which is meant to be set on the date and time my sales rep wants to do the task he has assigned to himelf.

Is there a way to configure the DUE date of that task as the date he submitted in the internal form?

Another question: Is there a way to use the merge date field in a custom date field?


You cannot use merge fields in custom fields. The api can update the enddate field for actions (tasks) using the api…so when the form is submitted using the fields, the api can read the custom field and set the most recently created task for that user with that date to the enddate (due date) for that task by using an http post to code that uses the api to do so.

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Great! Thank you very much!
What api are you talking about?
It would be awesome!

Sorry probably i’m not very expert in using api, do you know anything that could do this? Or do i need to contact a developer?

Thank you

It’s not something most can do themselves. It would take one of us developers to program and setup for you.

All right, since it’s a very important thing how do you suggest to proceed?
Where can i find a developer that does this?


You can schedule a call with me to go over detail using my booking link below. I know for sure that I still have openings on thur and friday.

Thank you, i’ll first try with my internal people to verify if they can do it. Otherwise i’ll contact you.

Thank you very much!