Server's IP Adress on Blacklists, how to solve it?

I just sent a broadcast and checking it’s deliverability quality on MAIL TESTER and MX Toolbox, it says the IP Address from Keap/Infusion server is on a few blacklists.
… My broadcasts were sent from IP and

  • Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email
  • Spam Test Result
    After requesting that an INFUSUSION/KEAP Team member solve it, I was oriented that (quote from transcript) “with regards to that you need to whitelist the IP address or Unblocked the IP address itself, You need to coordinate with the email provider and let them unblock the IP Address”.
    I stated that it does not make sense as I’m the user and don’t OWN the servers nor create de IP Addresses. All I can do is handle my Domain Reputation and keep my list healthy. I was told (quote from transcript) "since the IP address has block listed and you need to coordinate with email provider with regards to that or you can coordinate with your developer so that they can assists you further, we would like to inform you that, that is something that is beyond our scope ".
    How can I as a user request for an Infusionsoft/Keap IP ADDRESS to be taken OUT of a blacklist even not owning the SERVERS nor choosing the IP addresses?..
    … AND, since I have no way to know which IP my next broadcast will be sent from, how can I ensure my next broadcast is sent from an IP that is not on a Blacklist?

Do you guys have a clue? :slight_smile: Thanks!!!