Sending A PandaDoc Contract From Keap

Hey everyone! Has anyone ever tried to use Zapier to send PandaDoc contracts after a payment is made in Keap? I need to have the amount paid data along with the contact info and I can’t see to get them both to pull in using one trigger action. Or should I be trying to connect the PandaDoc API?

Hi Ryan,

This doesn’t answer your Zapier question but I can weigh in on two other options-

Fusedtools- Works well but at $90.00 per month seems a bit pricy just to integrate Panda when Zapier is much lss expensive

Integromat- Haven’t used but very similiar to Zapier that features Pandadoc. There is a free version which I might play around with. The monthly fee is a bit odd since Integromat uses “operations” for their pricing, but if you could fit in the $9.00 per month range that could possibly be a good fit.

Parsey- Good guys but Parsey has no documentation on their website under “integrations”. Which would be helpful before spending 4-5 hours and finding out things don’t quite work the way you need them to.

Let me know what solution you found works the best as we currently use Adobe Echosign but will be moving to PandaDoc in the next month or two.